Film and TV Publicity Stills CV

The Marker Feature Film 01/16
The Estate C4 Series 08/12
Wild Things C4 Series 07/12
We Are The FREAKS Feature Film 104 Films 04/12
The Renovation Game C4 Series 09/11
NFA ( NO FIXED ABODE) Feature Film Picture Palace North 04/11
Titanic: The Mission C4 08/10
Come Dine With Me-Footballers Special C4 05/10
Dispatches: The True Cost of Cheap Food C4 01/09
Smoking With The Hawk Picture Palace North 06/08
‘amFAR Stands for...’ The American Foundation For Aids Research, New York 01/08
Special People Feature Film Picture Palace North 05/07
Great Ideas That Changed The World Five 03/07
F***ing Sheffield Feature Film Picture Palace North/Five 05/06
Wife Swap Series 6 C4 10/06
Strictly Lady Sumo C4 09/06
So You Think You Can Nurse? Five 08/06
Transmission SIV 07/06
Buildings That Shaped Britain Five 04/06
Wife Swap Series 5 C4 07/05
The Games SIV 05/05
16 Plus C4 1/05
Big Kids C4 6/04
Wife Swap Series 4 C4 5/04
Edge of the City C4 1/04
Terry Gee Is HIV Five 11/03
Navigators C4 10/03
Wife Swap Series 3 C4 10/03
Looking for Dad C4 07/03
Wife Swap Series 3 C4 06/03
Quit C4 06/03
Attercliffe Road Feature Film Research Picture Palace North 02/03
Hot Property Five 11/02
Grand Designs' C4 10/02
I'm Robbie Williams Dad Five 8/02
Girl Gangs C4 07/02
Property Ladder C4 07/02
The Priciples of Lust (part only) Feature Film Film4 06/02
Dam Busters Five 06/02
Treats From An Edwardian Country House C4 04/02
Selling Houses C4 03/02
Britain's Strongholds C4 02/02
Causing Grief Faction North 01/02
Poor Cow C4 11/01
The Life Doctor C5 11/01
Where Do We Come From? Five 10/01
Property Ladder C4 08/01
Hot Properties Five 08/01
Love in Oldham C4 08/01
So You Think You Want A Dog C4 07/01
Basu's Basement BBC2 07/01
Street Cricket C4 05/01
Can You Live Without Designer Labels? C4 05/01
Can You Live Without Football? C4 05/01
Cutting Edge C4 05/01
Designer For A Day Five 04/01
Grand Designs C4 03/01
Can You Live Without Sex ? C4 01/01
Better Sex C4 12/00
The Dog Listener Five 12/00
Dish Velvet Films 11/00
House Doctors Five 10/00
Crash Five 09/00
Can You Live Without Supermarkets? C4 08/00
Caribbean Summer C4 08/00
Premature Burial Five 07/00
Run For Your Life Five 07/00
Family Century C4 07/00
Count On Me C4 06/00
Real Gardens C4 06/00
Borrow a Baby C4 06/00
Grand Designs C4 05/00
Teenage Sexuality C4 04/00
Large Feature Film Film Four 03/00
Voices From The Past C4 03/00
Flatmates C4 02/00
Last Will and Testament C4 01/00
Behind the Crime C4 12/99
David Starkey’s Elizabeth C4 11/99
Embarrassing Illnesses C4 10/99
Dispatches C4 10/99
Tina Goes Shopping C4 09/99
Family Confidential Five 08/99
Street Mate C4 07/99
Comedy Lab C4 06/99
Driving Mum Crazy Five 05/99
All About Us C4 05/99
The Clinic Five 05/99
Whatever Happened To Harold Smith? (part only) Feature Film West Eleven 05/99
My Wives C4 04/99
Cutting Edge: Playing for England C4 02/99
Freak Out C4 01/99
Cutting Edge: Who's Been Framed? C4 12/98
Joe Public C4 11/98
Wise Up C4 11/98
Real History Show C4 11/98
Dispatches C4 10/98
Personal Services C4 09/98
Portillo's Progress C4 08/98
Short Stories: Graffiti C4 08/98
Classic Aircraft C4 07/98
Car Show Five 06/98
The Goldring Audit C4 04/98
Classic Homes C4 04/98
Clubs and Clubbers Five 02/98
The Score Odyssey Television 01/98
Cutting Edge: Bootleggers C4 12/97
TV Dinners C4 11/97
Why Men Don't Iron C4 09/97
Solo Shuttle Feature Film Psychology News 08/97
Citizens' Arrest C4 07/97
Foul Play Five 07/97
Citizens' Arrest C4 06/97
The Acid House Feature Film Film Four 06/97
Tool Stories C4 06/97
Straight Guide To Queer C4 05/97
Moving People C4 04/97
Garden Party C4 03/97
Health Alert C4 03/97
Dickie Bird C4 01/97
Cutting Edge: The Lost Boy C4 01/97
The Visit C4 11/96
Dispatches C4 11/96
The Ghost Of Ivy Tilsley C4 08/96
Pyjama Jump C4 11/95
The Bar Girl, the Catholic, the Pimp and the Priest C4 09/95
Sick Note For Michael C4 06/95
A Band Called Treacle C4 06/95
Tales From A Hard City Feature Film Picture Palace North 06/95
Undercover Britain C4 02/95
Brendan's Boys Picture Palace North 02/95
United BBC2 11/90